The Chasers tent made its debut at Selkirk Games on Saturday in front of a large crowd.


Put up in 5 mins thanks to David Abbott.

On to the running where 8 young Chasers ran in the events.First up was the Youths 800m in which 7 runners took part. The first four runners home were all Chasers in 1st place Josh Abbott ,followed by Isla Taylor in 2nd , in third came Harry Fuller closely followed by Laura Fuller. The 3 others all ran well in race Jamie Kinghorn, Fraser Veitch, Kyle Taylor.

Josh winning the 800m closely followed by Isla

Josh winning the 800m closely followed by Isla

Josh 1st, Isla 2nd , 3rd Harry , 4th Laura

Josh 1st, Isla 2nd , 3rd Harry ,4th Laura

On to the sprints the 90m Youth Group B (9-12 years) where Emily Martin, Laura Fuller and Kyle Taylor all ran very well but did not make the final. Josh and Harry both ran in the (13-16 years)  Group A sprints but with tough Handicaps did not make it to the final of that event.

Next up for this talented group was the Youths 200m in which Emily Martin , Laura Fuller ran in the first heat and Isla Taylor ran in heat 3 of the (9-12 years) all ran well but could not secure a place in the final.In the older age group (13-16 years) Josh was up first and was just pipped for a place in the final after a good run, Heat 2 Harry ran a strong race but just missed out on a final place.Last but not least was Jamie in Heat 3 who stormed into first place and a berth in the final.

A few races to wait and the he was set to go again. he again stormed into the lead of the bend but was pipped on the post by 2 back markers to get third. a tough race having already run in his heat and the 800m.


Jamie running in the 200m Youths final

Jamie running in the 200m Youths final

Emily in the 200m

Well done to all the runners on the day and tent erectors too.