Well it dawned dry and bright on Sunday morning and some of the athletes that ran at the great Winter run on Saturday were up again to run the local Paxton XC:

First up was the juniors and Jamie Kinghorn was first home for the chasers in 12th  in a time of 12.03 followed by Oliver Stewart and Daniel Ross 12.41 and 12.48 respectively. Kyle Taylor came in at 13.01 and Charlie Jones at 13.35.  Zico Field came over the line in 13.43 and Mattie Jones in a time of 14.29.  Isla Taylor the first Chaser girl came over the line in a time of 14.52 followed by Hannah Meikle with the same time of 14.52.  Carys Runciman came over the line in 15.20 followed closely by Keira McGregor in a time of 15.35.  Tammie Hunter finished with a time of 15.57 and finally Hannah Wilkes in a time of 16.46.  Great effort from all the Juniors with well over half of them running the day before.

The adults followed on after the junior race the first Chaser home was Robbie Weir in a time of 29.10, next up was Euan McGregor with a time of 31.13 followed closely by Craig Law in a time of 31.28.  Scott Purvis followed on in a time of 32.03 a minute later the first lady home was Wanda Field in a time of 33.11 followed by Alex Meikle with a time of 34.06.  Emma Jones was up next in a time of 34.31 followed closely by Leeann Ross with a time of 34.53.  Nadine Moore crossed the line in 36.57 with Amanda Turner coming over the line in a time of 38.36 with Nichola Stewart following in a time of 41.06.  Mark McCulloch came over the line in 43.11 with Elaine Smith finishing in 44.35 and finally Helen McCulloch in 48.47.  Again some of these athletes competed the previous day at Edinburgh so well done to all of you.




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