Tuesday night saw many Chasers taking part in the first 5K Pace Challenge event.  The winner being the closest finisher to 8pm with no watches or phones or anything that you can tell the time on the runners decide when they are starting so that they finish closest to 8pm.  So well done to everyone who took part on Tuesday night.  Dawn Sword was the winner  with only 1 second out which is fantastic, followed closely by Elaine Smith who was 2 seconds out and the professional pacer Suzanne McCluskey who was 3rd with 4 seconds out.  The juniors winners Carys Runciman and Keira McGregor both came in 1st equal with 3 seconds out.  Talk about girl power fantastic effort, lets see if the men can get on the scoreboard in the second event watch out for Facebook updates with the date of the next event.