Well done to all the Chasers today at Morebattle, first up was Grahame Veitch, Fraser veitch and Isla Taylor who all took part in the Hill race.  Fraser who has now turned 16 competed in the adults and came an incredible 2nd place with his dad following on in 4th and Isla came 3rd in the Junior race and incredible effort from all 3 of them.  Kyle Taylor had a great day at Morebattle had to wait all season  to claim the front markers 90m title and also won the 800m.  Robbie Paulin made it into the one lap race final after winning his heat and came and claimed 2nd in the final.  Charlie Jones was 2nd in the 1600m and Daniel Ross 3rd in the same race.  Jamie Kinghorn, Erin Moran, Harris Ross and Josh Abbott all handicapped out of the race but still ran very well indeed.


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