There was a huge contingency travelling up to Meadowbank on Sunday 10 April so it was a sea of green and black and I hope I have covered everyone if I haven’t let me know and i.  In the Under 11 boys 100m sprint we had 2 taking part Kyle Taylor was 3rd in his heat in a time of 15.70 and Harris Ross in a different heat got a time of 17.68 one of the younger ones of this group.  Next up was U13 girls Tammie Hunter was 6th in her heat in a time of 15.40 and next up Emily Martin stormed her heat in a time of 15.64. Last for the 100m in the under 15 boys was Ben Evans 3rd in his heat with a time of 14.70 and then in the Under 15 girls was Erin Moran who was 2nd in her heat in a time of 14.70.  Next up was the 800m Under 11 Boys with Kyle 2.48 and coming 4th and running in the Under 11 Girls Laura Fuller ran 3.37 in her heat Under 13 Boys Oliver Stewart and Daniel Ross ran 2.46 in his heat getting a bit boxed in at the start and 3.04 for Daniel baby of this age group.  Then Hannah, Tammie and Isla in the Under 13 girls ran their heat in a time 2.38, 2.55 and 2.56 respectively.  Up next Josh Abbott and Rory Williams, Josh ran 2.20  and Rory 2.26 both boys coming back from illness and injury. Hannah, Oliver and Charlie Stewart tried the Hurdles for the first time. Hannah just kind of stepped over them as she is so tall and won her heat in  time of 13.04 and the boys managed 17.46 and 19.24 respectively.  Ben then did the Under 15 boys 200m in a time of 28.97.   Emily also did the 200m Under 13 and managed a time of 35.85.  Kyle up next got an time of 32.56 coming 2nd.  1500m next and Osar Only and Rory both running in the under 15 boys Oscar getting a time of 4.47 and Rory 5.04 very respsctable for Rory just after running an 800m as well.  After what was a bad start in the Under 15 300m Josh still managed 2nd in his heat and a time of 41.54.  Moving onto the Field events Laura who was 2nd in the shot put in the Under 11’s throwing 3.15m and then Haris in the Under 11 boys also 2nd throwing 5.54m.  Daniel and Charlie both in the Under 13 boys long jump both jumped 3.19.  Archie Fuller coming first in the Under 13 boys shot with a throw of 7.07m and Charlie in the same heat coming 5th with a throw of 4.47m.  Hannah in the 13’s long jump managed a jump of 3.95m to come 2nd while Isla in the same group managed 3.19m and then Emily with 2.35m. Harry Fuller managed a 1.25m jump in the High Jump falling far short of his norm due to an ankle injury.  Tammie, Isla and Emily in the Shot put threw 7.16m, 5.61m and 3.98m in the same group with Tammie coming Ist, Isla 3rd and Emily 9th.Erin in the Under 15’s High jump managed a jump of 1.35m.  In the Javelin Archie threw 18.22 getting 3rd.  Kyle and Harris in the Boys Long Jump managed 3.48m and 2.59m respectively.  Laura managed 2.58 in her group placing her 7th.  Archie, charlie and Oliver in the Under 13 high jump managed 1.20m, 1.20m and 1.15m respectively making them 4th, 5th and 6th.  Hannah and Isla in the High Jump managed a 1.25m and 1.05 jump respectively and finally Erin in the Long Jump managed a jump of 4.44m making her 2nd.

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