It was Lauder’s turn to host the Border games this Saturday.With the weather again not playing ball The Chasers tent was again quickly put up and everyone seat for an afternoon of running.

The 90m up first with Kyle Taylor being the only runner of a mark of 24m ran very well but missed out on a final place.

The 800m next with no fewer that 7 Chasers in the race Josh Abbott,Jamie Kinghorn , Ben Reynolds, Hannah Meikle , Kyle Taylor , Daniel Ross ,and Isla Taylor. Some great runs from the Chasers with Isla continuing her great form winning the race from a mark of 240m.

The 200m quickly followed the 800m with Ben Evans up first who was the back marker in his heat of 26m , it was always going to be a tough race with the front marker of 54m.Ben ran well but could not catch up such a distance.In heat 3 Kyle Taylor ran well but could not make the final, In heat 5 Josh and Jamie both ran, Josh coming close at the finish but just not making the final with Jamie not far behind. Al in all a good days running from all the runner next Sat on to Morebattle.