Allanton village hall was the setting for this year awards with over 50 excited kids turning up to watch Stephen give his presentation of the years achievements with one of his slideshows. He also thanked the kids for there help in the large part they played for Leeann and himself being awarded the Childrens Coach of the year award by Scottish athletics and Club Sport Berwickshire .

The awards were given out next to

Best performance girl Keira Waddell – boys under 13 boys XC team.

Best sports – girl Tammy Hunter – boys Charlie Stewart.

Most improved girls Heather Kinghorn – boys Kyle Taylor.

Runners runner girls Isla Taylor – boys Josh Abbott.

Coaches Athlete girls Erin Moran – boys Harry Fuller & Ben Reynolds

The kids then enjoyed some food and party games after all had collected there medals.

The junior section is going from strength to strength this is mainly due to the number of dedicated coaches and volunteer the club has. If you wish to join this band then please speak to Stephen or Leeann.