Information for Members and Parents

Stephen & Leeann Ross
2015 Scottish Athletics Children’s Coach of the Year, 2015 Berwickshire Coaches of the Year & 2016 BSLT Club of the Year.

Information about the club, the coaching and what can be expected, for members and parents.

About Chirnside Chasers Club

Chirnside Chasers Club provides opportunities for all children, young people and adults, their parents and volunteers to become involved in athletics. The club encourages fun, participation, sportsmanship and the social aspects of sport to anyone interested in participating. All we ask in return is that you respect the other members of the club, other teams and officials who support athletics.

Chirnside Chasers is affiliated to Scottish Athletics.

Club Session Details
Monday 6:30-7:30pm,  5 – 16 years old, Chirnside Football Pitch £1 per session (During the Winter this changes to Berwickshire High School)
Contact: Leeann Ross 07769 360069

7:00pm – 8:00pm Beginners walk/jog/run group and Intermediate group meets at Chirnside Crosshill Car Park £1.00 per session
Contact: Leeann Ross or Stevie Ross 07769 360069 or 07732 503191

Wednesday Summer only                                                                                                                                                                 Field Event Training at Berwickshire High School £1 per session                                                                                                   Contact: Leeann Ross or Stevie Ross 07769 360069 or 07732 503191

Thursday 7:00pm – 8:00pm Beginners Walk/jog/run group and Intermediate Group meets at Chirnside Crosshill Car Park £1.00 per session
Contact: Stevie Ross, 07732 503191

Saturday Specific events
Sunday Specific events /informal Sunday morning run By arrangements between members

These sessions are led by Stephen & Leeann Ross, UKCC Level 2 Athletics Qualified Coach

There is an annual membership fee of £16.00 for adults and under 21’s.

You will be provided with a membership form; this also includes a consent form that covers medical information. It also requires contact numbers, in case of emergency. Please ensure it is completed as soon as possible and returned to Linda Abbott, Secretary.  First Aiders are present at each coaching session and events.

The club recommends members wear appropriate comfortable clothing and footwear.

Chirnside Chasers Club
Athlete Protection Policy
Chirnside Chasers will:
•Promote the health and welfare of members by providing opportunities for them to take part in athletics safely.
•Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of members.
•Promote and implement appropriate procedures to safeguard the well being of athletes and protect them from abuse.
•Recruit, train, support and supervise its members to adopt best practice to safeguard and protect all athletes from abuse and to minimise risk to themselves.
•Require members to adopt and abide by this Athlete Protection Policy and these Procedures.
•Respond to any allegations of misconduct or abuse of members in line with this Policy and these Procedures as well as implementing, where appropriate, the relevant disciplinary and appeals procedures.

The full club athlete protection policy can be provided if requested
Keep up to date with Chirnside Chasers
During the year there are lots of events and activities to tell members about. We use a number of methods to ensure that Athletes and, where relevant, parents are kept informed and get involved.

For up to date information about training, any weather cancellations or what’s going on come a Fan on Facebook – Chirnside Chasers

From time to time, Newsletters will also be provided to Athletes via email and at training sessions.

Events for all ages and abilities take place throughout the year (including winter). Although it is each athlete / parent’s responsibility to identify an event to participate in, Coaches will guide their group when an event is announced and will be able to assess whether they think an athlete is ready to compete or not. They can also provide individual training advice so that an athlete prepares as well as possible and maximises their chances of success.

Chirnside Chasers Club Organisation

As with the majority of sports clubs, this club is run by volunteers. These people are athletes, parents and other supporters who give their time to ensure the safe running of the club. They administer the club, conduct the coaching and transport children to activities and games.
The Club is run by the following people:
Chairperson Stephen Ross, Secretary Linda Abbott, Treasurer Nicola Williams, Coaches Stephen Ross, Leeann Ross, Nadine Moore, David MacInnes, Euan McGregor; Athlete protection officer Jane Taylor

These people work hard for the club and any assistance you can give them would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to find out more or join the committee please contact one of the Club Coaches.

Volunteer Opportunities within Chirnside Chasers

The club is run by many volunteers providing small amounts of assistance. We understand the time commitments of parents and would happily appreciate any support available.

A number of ways you can support the club include:

• Driving children to events
• Assisting at the training sessions
• Running a fundraising event
• Organising a raffle
• Donate an item for a raffle
• Organise a social event for the club members
• Anything else you see needs to be done.
If you are interested in supporting the club through any of these methods please contact one of the Club Coaches.

Chirnside Chasers Code of Conduct
Aim: To ensure that all Athletes and Coaches involved with Chirnside Chasers participate within an agreed philosophy and set of standards

Sporting integrity is based on the acceptance of rules, fairness, equality, respect for others, moral conduct and sense of what is right. The goal of Chirnside Chasers is to create a sporting environment, where violence, breaking the rules, the abuse of drugs, the lack of fair play and other unethical behaviour are automatically rejected as being irrelevant to the true purpose of sport.

I agree to:

1. Abide by the principle statement on Ethics above

2. Practice and participate within the spirit of the sport.

3. Help each other to learn new skills and compete as a team

4. Respect others – coach, officials, other athletes, team managers, parents who help organise / participate in the sport

5. Never direct verbal, physical, emotional abuse towards other athletes / coaches / umpires / event organisers or other team members

6. Treat all others as I would like to be treated with integrity and respect

7. Arrive before the start of each session to ensure adequate preparation and to be punctual on all occasions.

8. Where possible, provide information in advance if I am ill or unable to attend any session

9. Set a good example at all times in aspects of dress, language, behaviour and respect of equipment and others.

Members who breach this code of conduct maybe removed from the session and if appropriate given a time period suspension from the group or removed as a member.

Chirnside Chasers are Champions
Chirnside Chasers are good sports.
Chirnside Chasers are part of a team.
Chirnside Chasers show respect to others.
Chirnside Chasers are never rude.
Chirnside Chasers are kind.
Chirnside Chasers are never violent.
Chirnside Chasers are on time and ready to go.
I am ready to be a Chirnside Chaser.