The big day dawned bright and sunny and again 13 of our adultt  Chasers were making their way up on an early bus to run the Half Marathon, they all smashed it in style with lots of PB,s results are as follows:

Stephen Ross  1hr 36m 28s,      Leeann Ross 1hr 57m 15s,

Declan White 1 hr 36m 16s,       Tilly Fuller 1 hr 53m 8s

Tracey McCann 1hr 47m 18s      Nicola Williams 1 hr 57m 14s

Amanda Turner 1hr 57m 57s    Nadine Moore 1 hr 57m 15s

Euan McGregor 1hr 41m 45s      Val Redpath 2hr 13m 17s

Craig Law 1hr 33m 53s                Adam Gaston 1hr 45m 45s

Carol Patterson  2hr 1m 53s