8 young Chirnside Chasers travelled up to Meggatland last night Josh Abbott, Harry, Archie and Laura Fuller, Ben Reynolds, Daniel Ross and Emily Martin.  First up was the 90m heats everyone except Josh and Daniel taking part unfortunately no-one managed to reach the final but some great running. Harry Fuller pulling out after that due to illness.  The 800m was next with Laura Fuller, Josh Abbott, Ben Reynolds, Archie Fuller and Daniel Ross, again with some tough marks everyone ran well.  Laura managed to hang on for 2nd place being beaten finally by a 15 year old, well done Laura. Josh was next in 9th place running a very fast run from the back, but with so many kids in the race getting boxed in at points.  All the others followed on shortly after.  Next up was the 200m heats Daniel, Archie and Emily up first.  Daniel being the back marker in his race he ran really well but to no avail strong effort though no wins for Emily or Archie either.  next up was Josh who after a bad start ran a fab race only just missing out on the final in third place in his heat.  Well done everyone another great night and the lovely weather helped.