Well on a wet and windy Monday Josh Abbott, Isla Taylor and Kyle Taylor made the journey up to Burntiland for the games.  First up was Kyle in the 90m our only hope as Isla and Josh decided to pull out.  Kyle stormed his heat win in style in the fastest heat of the day, this bode well for the final and again this young man ran a blinder holding off the back markers to win the 90m Youths final bagging £40.  Next up were Josh, Isla and Kyle running in the Youths 800m final.  Josh 2nd back marker on 70 stormed round the park in the pouring rain and stormed over the line to take victory bagging £40 with Isla following on in 7th holding off the much bigger girls for such a long time and Kyle in 10th feeling tired after his 90m win.  A very tough run for the three of them in the heavy grass so well done.  Next up the 200m first Isla who only just missed out on the final coming 3rd in her heat.  Up next Josh storming over the line to win his heat.  Then Kyle in heat 3 who fought hard and clung on to 2nd in his heat.  The final again run in the rain Josh just losing out on a photo finish came in 4th and Kyle came 6th.  Fantastic day out for the 3 of them.


Josh after his win in the 800m


Kyle after his win in the 90m


Isla in the 800m


Kyle in the 200m


Josh in the last lap of the 800m


Isla in the 200m heat