Last weekend saw 8 Junior Chasers and 2 Adult Chasers make their way down to Burnmouth for the local sprint races uphill and also the 2K run for the Juniors and 5K for the adults.  First race up was the Junior 2K.  Josh Abbott won the U16 2K race in a time of 7.53  and Kyle Taylor won the U13 boy 2K race in a time of 9.17 and not to be out done his sister Isla won the U13 Girl 2K race in a time of 9.58, Isla also ran most of the race with one shoe on after losing it in the bog.  Zico Field was 3rd u13 boy home in 10.34, Harris Ross 4th U13 boy in a time of 11.12 and Mathew Jones 5th U13 boy in a time of 11.26.  Elise Field also ran in the U13 2K race and was 5th in a time of 13.29.  next up was the 5K Adult race which Emma Jones and Wanda-Jane Field ran.  Wanda was 2nd lady home in a time of 25.49 and Emma was 5th lady home in 26.55 well done ladies great effort. Next up was the Uphill sprint.  Isla tackled the uphill sprint and did fantastic even after her great effort in the 2K race and she was 2nd in a time of 3.51 and Elise also tackled the hill in a time of 4.41 a brilliant effort from both girls.  Daniel Ross with fresh legs stormed up the hill for 2nd place in a fantastic time of 3.13 and was then follwed by Kyle in a time of 3.20, then Zico in 3.26 and Mathew in 4.00 a fantastic effort from all boys in what is a killer of a hill and after running in the 2K.  Josh came 2nd in the uphill sprint in a speedy time of 2.36 which was only 5 seconds behind the 3rd Adult up the hill which is not bad going after just running a 2K.  Must congratulate all those young chasers for even tackling that hill they are a determined bunch.


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